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Tasse Bakery & Pastries

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Tasse Bakery opened in 2016 by Samira Fayad, a business owner, mother, and former paralegal. Samira spent most of her career in immigration law, providing legal assistance to newcomers unable to qualify for legal aid. 


As a token of appreciation, a Syrian newcomer brought Samira knafeh, an iconic Middle Eastern dessert. The man prepared it with his own recipe and dreamt of opening a bakery. His dreams were out of reach financially, but after discovering his incredible baking talent, Samira brought his dream to life with Tasse Bakery. She hired the man as head baker along with other newcomers to provide them with employment. 


This opportunity inspires Samira, her family, and talented baking staff to collaborate and bring authentic flavours of the Middle East to Calgary!

KNAFEH -  كنافة‎  


A.K.A. kunafa, kunefe, or nabulsieh - the sweet cheesy Middle Eastern delicacy. The name and preparation of this delicious dessert tends to differ by location, but its irresistible nature is the same across the globe!

Our knafeh is prepared the traditional Lebanese way, where a sweet gooey cheese mix is covered with a crust layer of finely-shredded phyllo dough. We serve square-shaped slices of hot knafeh. Each slice is soaked in a sweet sugar-based syrup and topped with rich pistachios.

If one slice doesn't cut it, we also serve knafeh by the kilogram. We must warn you though... knafeh is an emotion, it engraves itself in your heart after just one bite!

MANA'EESH مناقيش

OUR Savoury

A.K.A. manakeesh or manoushe [singular form] - a freshly baked flatbread with infinite possibilities of toppings. Mana'eesh is a popular Levantine street food enjoyed on-the-go, as an entree, or shared around the table. It can be served sliced, folded, or open-faced, like a pizza!

Our whole-wheat flatbreads are handmade and baked fresh to-order on a saj, a traditional dome-shaped griddle. You may choose to top yours with classic Middle-Eastern flavours, such as za'atar (blended herbs and roasted sesame), and mhammarra (roasted red pepper paste), or other toppings such as cheese, ground beef, chicken, or spinach. Whether your diet is halal, lactose-free, vegetarian, or vegan, we've got a manoushe for you!

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Tel: 403-452-5035

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3220 5th Avenue NE

T2A 5N1

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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